To register

We hope you will enjoy hanging out with us a week in July, summer of 2023. The programme is filled with dancing, music, games and recreation. Check out the website to read up on all the information that is good to know before you sign up. On this page you will find all information you need about the registration form for BARNLEK 2023. Read everything before you sign up! The normal registration period is now closed but you can still register but might not be able to get a t-shirt etc.


To register for BARNLEK 2023:

Step 1: Appoint a responsible leader

One person in the group is appointed as responsible leader; it can be the dance leader, a parent or someone else.

As a responsible leader, you should participate at BARNLEK 2023. You are responsible for the children in your group.  You must ensure the children’s wellbeing. That the children in your group are doing what they should, that they eat, sleep, take their medication (if any) and in general feel well.

You are also a contact person for your group. You are expected to be available to your other leaders and the management of BARNLEK 2023 throughout your stay in Lerum.

To change who is the responsible leader after registration, send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that no changes are registered until we have sent you a confirmation of the change.


Step 2: The responsible leader creates a group registration

The responsible leader creates a group registration (if someone else, other than the responsible leader, do this, contact details for the responsible leader must be provided). Before this registration is made, no one else can register.

As a responsible leader you will be able to follow all individual registrations to the group by receiving an email when a registration is made. A list of all registrants will be sent to the one who created the group registration by April 1st - read through it and make sure everything is correct. Contact us as soon as possible if something is not right.

Tasks to keep track of when group registration is created

Group name

On the registration form, you enter the name of the group, preferably the same as the name of your association. If there are two or more groups from the same association, you have to choose different names. The registry office will then use these names when we communicate with the group.

Approximate number of participants

We would like to know how many you think will be included in the group in order to be able to do a rough planning - an estimated figure is just fine. This means that we can start planning the need for premises and more.

Information about the group

In the group registration, the country, country organization and association must be entered. This will ensure that all country organizations will be informed about which of their groups are registered.

Arrival and departure date

Please write which day you will arrive at BARNLEK 2023 and which day you will depart from BARNLEK 2023. The registration fee includes accommodation at the school Wednesday through Sunday (check-out no later than 12.00). If you want to come earlier, you may - but there is a cost of SEK 100 per person per night for the extra nights.

How will you travel to BARNLEK 2023?

How will you travel to BARNLEK 2023 – by train, bus, car or airplane?

Do you want to perform in the surrounding area?

Specify if your group wants to do promotional dance performances. That means performing a show in a public place. Enter the days you want to dance. You will receive confirmation of what time and place you will be dancing before you arrive at BARNLEK 2023. Read more about doing dance performances.

Billing address

Specify which billing address the group invoice should be sent to.

After the registration closes in March 2023, BARNLEK 2023 will compile costs for all individuals who have signed up for your group and bill your national organization, which in turn will bill your association. You will pay to your association or your national organization according to instructions from them. For more information on this, contact your association.

Link to group participants

When you have completed a group registration, confirmation of this will be sent to you via e-mail. In that e-mail there is a link to register participants. Send this link to the children and adults who are going to BARNLEK 2023 and are part of your group. They shall fill in their individual registration themselves. Remember that you as a responsible leader must also make an individual registration!


Step 3: Individual registration for participants in the group

Everyone who participates in BARNLEK 2023 must submit an individual registration. This is done after the group registration has been created. The group leader sends you a link that will take you to the individual registration.

I register as

Here you specify whether you participate as a dancer and/or musician. Anyone who is also a leader check that box too. If you know at least two of the Nordic languages and want to help as a language ambassador, check that box. You can choose multiple roles. Read more about being a language ambassador. It is not the same as an interpreter.

Tillsammans i Norden (The Nordic unites)

If you were born between 2007 and 2010, you have the opportunity to participate in “Tillsammans i Norden”. Please choose this in the registration. Read more about “Tillsammans i Norden” in the programme. Decide if you want to participate as a dancer or musician. If you choose musician, specify which instrument you will use and how long you have played that instrument.


You will answer some questions about food and if you have allergies that we need to know about. It is possible to add extra meals to your registration if you come before BARNLEK 2023 starts. The food included in the registration fee is from Wednesday lunch to Sunday breakfast.


The registration fee includes accommodation for Wednesday through Sunday. You can add extra nights from Monday July 10th if needed. Specify this in your registration.  It is also possible to specify if you want to rent an air mattress, duvet and pillow.

Do you want to buy some BARNLEK 2023 products?

Please pre-order any BARNLEK 2020 products you want to buy by choosing what you want in the registration form. You can read more about this on the page BARNLEK 2023 products so that you know what you want when you fill out the registration

One t-shirt is included in the registration fee. Fill in what size you want. You can also order additional t-shirts.

Måttlista T-shirts, sublimering.JPG



When you have completed your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and your responsible leader will also receive an email with a copy of your registration.



The registration fee is 2400 SEK. For participants who are not affiliated with any of the national organizations that are members of Nordlek, an additional fee of SEK 500 is charged.
The registration fee includes:

  • The entire programme
  • Accommodation Wednesday through Sunday
  • Food Wednesday lunch to Sunday breakfast
  • t-shirt

Reduced fee för younger children, inkludes aqccomodation and food but not a t-shirt:

  • Born 2021-2023 Free.
  • Born 2018-2020 Half the fee, 1200 SEK. From March 13th an additional fee of 250 SEK is added.
  • Everyone else pays full price, 2400 SEK. From March 13th an additional fee of 500 SEK is added.

Single extra nights before the meeting costs SEK 100 per person per night.

Added meals are purchased at cost:

  • SEK 50 for breakfast
  • SEK 100 for lunch
  • SEK 100 for dinner

There are products to buy at registration. The prices of these are in the registration form and on the page for BARNLEK 2023 products.

For those who have limited possibilities to bring luggage, there is air mattresses, duvets and pillows for rent. Requests for this are stated in the notification. The cost is 100 SEK for air mattress and 100 SEK for duvet and pillow. You bring your own bedding.

The festival wristband can be filled with money in order to pay at the festival café and registry office. You choose the amount you charge it with. More information about this can be found under Practical info and the article  Festival wristband and will be sent out to those who have registered.



We would like your registration by March 12, 2023. If you register later than March 12th there is an additional fee of 500 SEK.
If there is any errors in the registration or if you want to change something, please contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible.