During BARNLEK 2023 there are plenty of possibilities for excursions. The cost for these excursions is not included in the registration fee. We have two excursions that can be booked with the registration and payed with the rest of the cost. We also have suggestions of what to do and places to visit that you can arrange on your own.



These excursions have limited tickets and will be distributed on a first come, first served principle. You will know after the registration closes if you get a ticket.

Among gnomes and trolls - "Bland tomtar och troll"

Come along to an experience trail among gnomes and trolls! Along the way you will encounter various creatures featuring in Scandinavian folklore. Can you find the treasure of the trolls? Do you hear the water spirit, the nix, playing in the stream? Would you like to help the wood nymph, find her broken heart? Does it sound exciting? Join us, among gnomes and trolls!

Price: SEK 75 per person
Duration: around 90 minutes


Nilsson electricity and technology museum

A small, but very thoughtful piece reclaimed history - also with a local connection. Several years of collecting and diligent interest has today been transformed into combining environments that tell stories about both personal destinies and revolutionary inventions. The session begins
with a short guided tour of the museum, then we offer a number stations for children and young people where you can choose what you want to explore:

  • Telephony, how did we call each other in the old days?
  • Learn to program our electronic rat
  • How do you put out a fire if you don't have a fire truck?
  • Enameling - create your lucky charm
  • Motor skills...

Price: SEK 50 per person



Below you find examples of outings which you can arrange by public transport or your own bus/car. Some activities may need pre-booking, for information please look at the website of the destination. These are examples and there are a lot more in the region to discover, such as museums, the archipelago, water parks, water adventures and more.

Communications: travels with public transport you find at https://www.vasttrafik.se/en/. Here you can search for trips and find information on how to buy tickets. Most of the vehicles of Västtrafik are cash free. The closest bus stop from BARNLEK2020 is Dergården and Knappekullaskolan. Time to get to the destination is counted from Lerum's Arenam the trains depart from Lerum's station.





Swim in the lake Vällsjön
Place:    Vällsjöns badplats
Travel:    Bus 8 minutes, Bus stop Vällsjö Centrum, then walk 11 minutes.


Experience the archipelago and swim in the ocean, find your own swimming spots, discover nature trails and climb the cliffs. You use the same tickets om the ferries as on the public transport.
Place:     Gothenburg
Travel:    Train + tram 1 hour and 10 minutes, Bus stop Saltholmen. From there ferry to one of the islands.
Information:    https://www.styrsobolaget.se/sodra-skargarden 





An amusement park where you find something for all ages.
Place:    Gothenburg
Travel:    Train + bus 34 minutes, Bus stop Korsvägen.
Information:    https://www.liseberg.com/


On the mountain “Billingen” you can visit the forest trolls and discover and learn more about nature.
Place:    Skövde
Travel:    Own car or bus 2 hours.
Information:    https://www.vastsverige.com/billingen/portalsida_barnens-billingen


A park in the centre of Gothenburg with free entry where you can play, have a picknic, visit penguins and seals and the Childrens´s Zoo. Just a short walk from Slottsskogen you also find the Gothenburg Botanical garden.
Place:    Gothenburg
Travel:    Train + tram 41 minutes, Bus stop Linnéplatsen or Botaniska Trädgården.
Information:    https://www.goteborg.com/slottsskogen/


An open-air archaeological museum, discover life during the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages.
Place:    Åsarp
Travel:    Own car or bus 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Information:    https://www.ekehagen.se/ekehagensforntidsby/english.4.57811bcc165670d89f05941.html


Meet fascinating animals from the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.
Place:    Borås
Travel:    Own car or bus 51 minutes. Bus 2 hour, Bus stop Boråsparken.
Information:    https://www.borasdjurpark.se/en/


Here you find animals and nature, walk through the rainforest, try experiments and visit the aquarium.
Place:    Gothenburg
Travel:    Train + bus or tram 34 minutes, Bus stop Korsvägen.
Information:    https://www.universeum.se/en/


The museum of Gothenburg – Here you can learn more about the history of Goehenburg and Western Sweden.
Place:    Gothenburg
Travel:    Train 30 minutes, Bus stop Brunnsparken.
Information:    https://goteborgsstadsmuseum.se/en