BARNLEK 2023 has designed a few product that we think may be relevant and practical during the festival as well as after it. The products will be available for order in the registration form and some of them are part of the registration fee.

A limited number of these products will be available in the registry office at BARNLEK 2023, which you may buy with the money on your festival wristband. But to ensure that you get the products that you want it’s best to pre-order them during your registration. The prices below are pre-order prices; the prices in the registry office may be a bit higher.



The images are example of how the products will turn out. The final print might differ from what is displayed here.


Products that you receive as a participant

All participants will receive a BARNLEK 2023 T-shirt; enter the desired size when you register. Since size varies between T-shirts we ask you to follow our size table when entering your desired size. This is to ensure that you receive a T-shirt that fits you.

Måttlista T-shirts, sublimering.JPG

the women's model has a closer cut. If you don't like tight clothes you should choose the men's model. The children's model is a also regular t-shirt with a straight cut.

If you want to order an extra T-shirt, besides the one included in the registration fee - the option is available on the registration form.

Cost: 200 SEK



Products that you as a participant may pre-order

These products are extra and will only be ordered if the minimum quota is reached. There are also a number of factors because of the situations in the world that can affect the price and availability. Should there be a difference in price or if the product won't be ordered you will be notified after the registration closes.


Insulated travel mug

For you who like to drink hot or cold beverages, we have an insulated travel mug with a lid that has BARNLEK 2020 engraved. The mug holds the heat for approximately 6 hours. With this mug you also recieves a discount on hot beverages that you can buy in our café.

Cost: 175 SEK



Since we have great hope that it will be very sunny and lovely weather during BARNLEK 2020, we think that a cap with the BARNLEK 2023 logo will be awesome.Choose between three awesome colours.

Cost: 130 SEK