At BARNLEK 2023, food will be served three times a day from Wednesday lunch to Sunday breakfast. Participants who come earlier than this can add extra meals to their registration. The cost for this is 50 SEK per breakfast, 100 SEK per lunch and 100 SEK per dinner.

Breakfast is usually served at the school where you live. Exceptions to this will be announced on arrival.

Hot food twice a day

We serve hot food for lunch and dinner every day. This is served in Lerum gymnasiet's dining room at Eken which can hold 370 people. The food is prepared by the dining room's regular staff, who are used to handling large arrangements with many children and young people as participants.

No nuts, almonds or sesame

Out of respect for those who suffer from nut allergies, BARNLEK 2023 is free from nuts, almonds and sesame. This means that all food that is served is free from these products. It also means that you as a participant may not bring anything containing nuts, almonds and sesame to the facilities including where you sleep. Keep in mind that nuts and almonds are often found in chocolate, although you might not think about it, for example in the form of nougat and praline, for example in Snickers and Daim.

Special diets

The need for special diets should be noted in your application form. Since the whole arrangement is free of nuts, almonds and sesame, no food will contain these ingredients.


A cafeteria with a selection of snacks will be available, mainly in the evenings, at the Lerum Arena. If you have bought the thermos-cup from BARNLEK 2023 you will receive a discount on coffee in our cafeteria since you can fill it up to the cost of a normal cup. You pay in our cafeteria with your festival wristband to which you need to add money in advance. You cannot pay with cash.

Close by there are also several shops and places to eat where snacks, fruit and drinks can be bought. In these places you can pay by cash or card.

Please bring a water bottle so you easily can rehydrate between the dance sessions. Mark it with your name.


Outside the Arena there are stations to refill water bottles. Don't forget to bring a bottle and maybe something else to drink from.