The festival wristband will be used to pay in our cafeteria and at the registry office in addition to being your ticket to all the acitivities.

You may load money on to your wristband so that you have them when you arrive at BARNLEK 2023. You can use the wristband and shop in our café and in the registry office. You will not be able to shop with cash.The local stores in Lerum accept cash or credit card.

The festival wristband can be recharged in advance and during BARNLEK from home or with a debit card in the registry office.

When you receive the confirmation on your registration there will be a link that you can use to add money to your wistband with a credit card. This link can be used mutliple times.

The possibility to put more money on to the festival wristband will close at Friday July 14th at 8 pm.

NOTE! Refund on unused amount (if it exceeds SEK 100) will be made to the card you paid with. To ensure that we can pay you back – choose the payment option “Card payment” and none of the other payment options. If the amount of money left on your wrist band is less than SEK 101 the money will not be transferred back due to transferal costs, instead the money that isn't transferred back will be donated to Rädda Barnen (Save The Children Fund).