The accommodation will be in classrooms on the floors. You need to bring a sleeping mat or air mattress, pillow, bedding/sleeping bag and soft toys for your own use. There are sleeping kits to rent, but these are mainly intended for long-distance guests with limited packing space, mainly from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Keep in mind that the sleeping space per person is limited, so the size of the sleeping mat should be adjusted accordingly. The estimated space per person is one meter.

Accommodation is available from Monday July 10. But participants who come early can get temporary accommodation the first few days, and might need to move to antoher school on Wednesday. Please note that meals before Wednesday lunch have to be booked at registration. Please read more about the food on BARNLEK 2023.

Everything is really close by

We have the accomodation in classrooms at schools in Lerum. We have room for up to 1000 people within a few hundred meters from the Lerum Arena where most activities take place. Lerum's gymnasium is in the next building from Lerum Arena, and here you will also find the information desk (kansliet). Knappekullaskolan, a school just a few hundred meters from the main building. There is also a nice playground and a sports hall where some of the activites take place.

With more participants, additional accommodation is a little further away. Which school you end up on, you will find out upon arrival at Lerum.

No nuts, almonds or soy

The entire event is free from nuts, almonds and sesam, for the sake of those with allergies. This also applies to the accommodation at the schools. Therefore, be careful not to bring sweets and snacks containing nuts. Keep in mind that nuts are found in different chocolate bars, although you might not think about it, for example, praline and nougat contains nuts and almonds.