Practical info

Here is some practical information for exampel about food, accomodation and being a language ambassador. Click on each article to read the full piece.

The festival wristband will be used to pay in our cafeteria and at the registry office in addition to being your ticket to all the acitivities.

You may load money on to your wristband so that you have them when you arrive at BARNLEK 2023. You can use the wristband and shop in our café and in the registry office. You will not be able to shop with cash.The local stores in Lerum accept cash or credit card.

The festival wristband can be recharged in advance and during BARNLEK from home or with a debit card in the registry office.

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The accommodation will be in classrooms on the floors. You need to bring a sleeping mat or air mattress, pillow, bedding/sleeping bag and soft toys for your own use. There are sleeping kits to rent, but these are mainly intended for long-distance guests with limited packing space, mainly from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Keep in mind that the sleeping space per person is limited, so the size of the sleeping mat should be adjusted accordingly. The estimated space per person is one meter.

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One of the goals of BARNLEK 2023 is to offer children opportunities to meet and socialize with children from the other Nordic countries. In order to bridge the existing language barrier, we wish to have many participants who wants to be language ambassadors. Is this something for you?


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BARNLEK 2023 has designed a few product that we think may be relevant and practical during the festival as well as after it. The products will be available for order in the registration form and some of them are part of the registration fee.

A limited number of these products will be available in the registry office at BARNLEK 2023, which you may buy with the money on your festival wristband. But to ensure that you get the products that you want it’s best to pre-order them during your registration. The prices below are pre-order prices; the prices in the registry office may be a bit higher.



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At BARNLEK 2023, food will be served three times a day from Wednesday lunch to Sunday breakfast. Participants who come earlier than this can add extra meals to their registration. The cost for this is 50 SEK per breakfast, 100 SEK per lunch and 100 SEK per dinner.

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