Here you find links to the co-dances that will be danced during BARNLEK 2023 in Lerum.

Before each BARNLEK, each of the Nordic countries choose a dance to represent their country. These co-dances can then be learned by the groups. The co-dances will be used during the festival. Dances from the different Nordic countries have many similarities but also differences, which is clearly evident during a festival where dances from the traditions of the different countries are taught. The co-dances are recorded beforehand and you find the instructions, music and video in the links below.

They are as well linked in this playlist on Youtube:


So far all the links below go to the Swedish page. Following the links you find the music sheets, and recordings of both music and the dances.


The  co-dances of 2023 are:

Norway: Halling - A well known solodance with room for creativity.

Denmark: Pedersen - A fun dance for 4 individuals.

Finland: Bohmska galoppen - Dancing two and two both forward and backward.

Suomi: Kahilainen - A dance on two lines that starts which starts neatly and beautifully and ends quickly and swiveling

Iceland: Fyrr var oft i koti katt - A fun dance for two people with twirls

Faroe island: Nykursvisa - Färöisk-Norsk song about Näcken

Sweden: Väva Vadmal från Vartofta Åsaka - A different väva that ends with cutting the weave so everyone falls over