Tack/Kiitos/Thank you!

Thank you so much! You have been wonderful. Lots of lovely dancing, music, and craft. A great BARNLEK! We have not been able to post any pictures on the website during the week. But we will soon (give us a few weeks).

While you wait you can look at the picture in "Lerums tidning" about our wonderful festival.

Folkdansstämma lockar nordiska barn och ungdomar till Lerums arena - An article about BARNLEK before it started.

Folklig dansfest när BARNLEK 2023 invigdes i Lerums arena - About the opening and Språk i Norden.

Hundratals barn dansade genom centrum - About the rainy parade.


Please keep in touch in social media. We will post more in the coming weeks.


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Below is a taste of the pictures to come.











We are happy to finally welcome you to BARNLEK 2023. It will be in Lerum, Sweden!

Lerum is a pleasant town just a short trip from Gothenburg. In the near future, the pages here will be filled with information about BARNLEK 2023. There will be dancing, crafts, parades, concerts, songs and more dancing.